Relationship Behaviour

In our relationships behaviour can be:

Passive – by being passive we are saying to people that we are not as important as they are. We let other people’s needs and rights take priority over our own. We often fail to communicate our own needs. Passive behaviour can lead us to feel like victims.

Aggressive: aggressive behaviour can be honest or dishonest, intended or unitended, active or passive, direct or indirect; but is always creates an impression of superiority. It is saying that my needs, wants and rights are more important than other people’s. The aggressive attempts to overpower the other person by not allowing them a choice.

Assertive: assertiveness is active, honest and direct. It communicates our impression of respect for both yourself and the other person. It says that our needs, wants and rights are equally important as each other’s. Assertive behaviour requires good listening and negotiating skills, so that the other person feels that their point of view is being heard and respected, even if you don’t agree with it. This should lead to open and honest relationships and success without resentment.

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What Is A Light Body?
The Goal of all Souls is Ascension, to Merge, to Align with Pure Divine Source Energy. The Merging of a New Consciousness that envisions the World Spiritually, not Materially. The Divine Activation of your Spiritual Awakening. A powerful transformation that Awakens the Encoded Data, to realign Humanity. Our Light Body is the vehicle of our Spiritual Awakening.

Archangel Gabriel – Known as the ‘Messenger of God.’ The Angel of Ascension, New Beginnings, Truth, and Life’s Purpose.

The Egyptians call the Light body – Merkaba – Mer {Light} Ka {Soul} Ba {Body}. They believed that this was the Chariot of the Soul. The Souls transition vehicle activated during Ascension, the Energy field that surrounds your Human body. The Light Energy activation process that anchors the Physical body with Higher Frequencies of the 5th Dimension.

It’s relative to this Era as it combines opposing energies into perfect balance. The Masculine, the Feminine, Earth, and the Cosmos. A Union that results in an activation of Light & Protection around your body that can transport your consciousness to higher dimensions. May this remind you of the potential power you are capable of when you find Inner Balance and Raise your Vibration.

It is your Divine Faith that allows something Greater within to steer your Chariot!

Lightworkers have been called in record numbers, to assist in facilitating the Ascension Journey here on Earth. They realize this is Humanities Destiny, determined life path or purpose to fulfill your life plan. Unlike fate, which carries an element of choice.

Avoid feeling discouraged or distracted by the Chaos currently occurring. A necessary process, to Clear and Cleanse limiting Beliefs that have bond humanity’s potential.

Ascension Energy
As Ascension continues, the Physical body begins its transformation to a Light Body. Changes occur on a cellular level, an adjustment from a – 3D Carbon-based anatomy to a – 5D Crystalline-based Body. Your Physical body will gradually assimilates, absorbs the increased Light of Awakening.

Your Light Body, Your Merkaba, is Your Crystalline bridge of the 5th Dimension, the Aquarian Age of Wisdom and Divine Love. The goal, to create a Universe of Co-Operation, not one of distraction and division.

Awakening, expanding your Spirituality, are all part of the Ascension process of this Age. To align, to merge, knowing, remembering your Divinity, your Divine Grace within. The path to gain a higher awareness of Consciousness. The Rays upon your planet contain Wisdom. Through Energetic Spiritual upgrades, to assist humanity on their Journey. The Journey of Re-Membering your Divinity, will be an expansive awareness, affecting All aspects of your Life. Both Inward, and Outward!

Your Spiritual Awakening, is the awakening of your Inner knowing that you are One with All!!

The Blessings
A calibration of your Light Body is a vehicle of Light energy, that advances Humanity to awaken to your connection to Divine Source. As Humanity evolves, many seekers wisely look for answers from the past. The Ancient Wisdom, to replace the current Beliefs, Dogmas with Ancient Truths of the Masters. Rejecting Belief systems that Bind, Control and Tether the Soul.

With heightened awareness, you begin to release “I,” of the Ego-Self, with “We,” as you Evolve. Spiritual connections deepen as your Heart opens to your true Self, your Essence. Be Brave, continue to wisely use your Guidance, your Intuition, your Discernment to seek your answers. Do not be Fooled or Led; look within for your Answers!

Seeds planted long ago Activated by the Divine Energy of Love, are flooding Planet Earth.

It may not describe, align with what you currently Witness. With courage and Faith, please know All will be revealed. Increased energies can create confusion, causing many to react from their lower Chakras, as unresolved issues come forward. In need of being healed is the beginning of the process.

Remain Calm, have Faith, know this is part of the Divine plan.

As you Awaken to this Truth, seeing your transformation as part of the planetary Oneness for All of Humanity. Rejoice!

Transformation To: Light Body“The Greatest Teacher…our Soul’s connection with the Source. To access wisdom, distortions within our human nature must be removed: beliefs that do not serve, emotional attachments that cloud.” Ann Mortifee
Activation Preparation
Your Light Body’s internal grid will begin to switch on the Light. The Light that connects the Physical, Mental, Emotional bodies, with the Spiritual. As your new energetic State of Solar Energies, assist your body in absorbing increased Light Energy. All Humanity at their pace is in this process of transitioning and evolving into an enhanced level of consciousness. The proper level to coordinate where they are in their evolution.

“When you align to a new Frequency, all that no longer aligns will fall away.” Tony Robbin

As you shed and detach from Old Beliefs of conditioning. At birth, all children are free of conditioning, it is through childhood and adolescence you slowly become conditioned to think a certain way. Often due to your social, religious and familial beliefs handed down for generation. Once these are released, as you begin to see the limitation of such beliefs. you enter a state of neutrality. Within this state you are Open to new thoughts and beliefs. Those aligned with your New Era, opens space for enlightened thoughts to Take Root.

The energy of the Aquarian Age’ advanced thoughts are energetically available to All during this Dimension. The Age of challenging the Old and rethinking the World through an enlightened lens. All a necessary piece of the Ascension Chaos, you currently witness. To bring the old outdated to the forefront so a New Earth can be manifested.

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“All Great Changes Are Preceded By Chaos.” Deepak Chopra

Light Body Assimilation
“It is your Divine Faith that allows something Greater within to steer your Chariot.”

During the body’s transformation, substantial changes, Ascension side effects occur on a cellular structure. This flux of New Frequencies affects the body Energetically and Physically. Take time to notice, to discern your nourishment choices to assist the changes to assimilate more easily during this process. These high-intensity energies will continue for sometime. Follow the suggested guidelines to better cope and integrate these energies.

Many of these suggestions are also Immune and Intuitive Boosters to assist your needs, and assimilate during this process.

As you Assimilate –
Consume – Non-GMO, Sustainable, Organic, Unprocessed foods. Include Higher Vibration Wholefoods and Wild-Caught Fish. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake to assist the body to detox. Especially increase your green vegetables.

Avoid – Greasy foods, Red meat, and Farm-raised fish. Substitute with Grass-fed buffalo in moderation. Avoid Fluoride which shuts down the Pineal gland, essential to achieve Higher Vibrations. Ingest Vitamin D, also an Immune booster, which also stimulates the Pineal gland. If required it comes in both liquid and Vegan varieties.

Listen – Your body will always educate you to its current needs. The current flux of Increased Energy, can plague the Solar Plexus. Introduce a quality Probiotic to assist with any digestive issues, also an Immune Booster.

Attune – As you Listen and Respect your body during these essential changes, it will reward you in kind.

Common Ascension Symptoms –
Increased Allergies
Digestive Issues
Internal Cleansing
Suggestions –
Bless your food – Ask that it Vibrates for your Optimal Health
Meditate – Every breath is a Prayer, connecting with Spirit
Grounding Practices – Kundalini Yoga & Tai Chi
Deep breathing – Generates a Cleansing Flow of Internal Energy
Daily Affirmation – I Am – Vibrantly Healthy
Visualize – See Yourself as a Crystalline body, an Inner Light of Divine Love
Call Archangel Uriel – Hold the crystal Vanadinite, it too governs the Solar Plexus Chakra, headquarters to your Personal Power
Music & Sound – Singing Prayer bowl energy, known for cleansing stagnant Energy
Increase your clean water intake, add a pinch of sea salt, salt is a necessary electrolyte and conduit
Reiki Energy Healing Modality
Do not overlook the value of calling your Guides and Angels for assistance
This is the State of Awareness that realigns you with Your – Original Divine Blueprint. Rejoice!


Time To Speak Up And Say My Truth: Working At A Hippie Shop For 6 Months Or So In The Local City

Time to stand up for myself. I’m sick and tired of spending my whole life pretending to be “spiritual” and suppressing how I truly feel which is not true spirituality I have learnt. I will NOT let another human being walk on me and piss on me. It’s okay to feel how I feel.

I do not like drama but I feel I need to let out what I truly believe and what I have experienced working at a hippie shop in the local city from August 2019 until January 2020.

Thanks Mr. Jacobs for giving me balls and for teaching me to stand up for myself. I will not let older women who should have been guidance for me, walk on me.

What spurred me to write this was after recieveing a message from a female colleague that read this yesterday:

I loved that moment of standing up for myself and saying no. Saying no is very important in life. You are your own sovereign human being, you let in what and who you want to let in. You will understand my response once you read further.

To give some context, I had just returned from travelling in July 2019, I had already tried to kill myself 3 times before this date in one year. I was in a very very bad state; I won’t go into it here but you can read my blog’s “About The Author Page” to fully grasp what I mean. I had to find something to do rather than be in this bedroom where a lot of dark stuff had happened. Long story short I got the job at the hippie shop in the local city doing two hours for four days a week. It got me out of my bedroom. In the beginning I liked in but towards the end I dreaded going into that place.

I am proud of myself for working there 6 months with fibromyalgia (a a chronic body pain condition with cognitive issues like memory loss), and with many mental health issues including PTSD, anxiety and depression. I am glad that it ended and I got sacked. Thank fuck. I knew it would come to an end soon, I felt it psychically, either I would leave or the job would leave me.

Whilst working there I tried to do the best job I could given all I was suffering and the immense amount of pain I was in.

I will say that I was a hard worker, I made teas for everyone, normally twice in the two hours shift, I talked to customers in a kind and warm manner, if anyone had a question about a product I would always be there to answer. Considering the amount of pain I was drowning in and I was thinking about committing suicide all the time and screaming inside, I did a pretty good job.

I won’t go into too much detail as its not needed. The point is, I’m not going to let things pretend to be okay when they are not.

This female collegaue you see who had messaged me above yesterday had a couple of nasty moments towards me via messaging when I politely asked in a kind and gentle message, if she would put a broken dreadlock back in when she was free. They were truly awful messages to read as a response at the time calling me “cheeky,” amongst other things when someone who is undergoing so much pain herself and would love to have a older woman as a friend. It made me feel sick and I already have trauma around women because of my past years of bullying. I vowed never to message her or ask for help from them all there at the shop again.

I worked with two female colleagues mainly who were lovely but never took the time to take me out as a young girl with no friends and who is very very lonely. They kept saying airy fairy things such as “we should hang out soon” and nothing ever materialised for the 6 months I worked there.

I was told that my job would be put on probation for another three months after my initial starting date three months in. This was due to me sitting on the step outside the shop waiting for it to open because I was in so much pain in my body I had to sit down and smoke a cigarette. That day I was also working from 9:30am until 6pm to help the staff out. No one told me that it wasn’t okay to sit on the step outside, it really was one of the poor reasons for putting me on probation. Another reason told to me was that I cut strings that weren’t perfectly one metre when I was told that it doesn’t matter if it wasn’t perfect. Doesn’t make too much sense to me.

I was getting more and more uncomfortable about going into the shop. I’m not into gossip but I had to sit there and listen to it throughout my shft. I guess you guys thrive and slurp it up like its your soul food. It ain’t me. I was getting harrassed by homeless men towards the end every single day. It was making me ill. I couldn’t get away from them because they kept coming into the shop everyday on my shift. I told the managers about it and all they did was have a word with one of the men but they said he was a customer. It carried on everyday and sexual remarks were made, I was stared at creepily and was very uncomfortable and nothing was done. I guess customers come first hey.

This is why I have learnt in life, not to have expectations. I thought I would be working at a hippie shop that was going to be spiritually refreshing, nutritious and I would make wonderful friends. However I think it was fake hippie shit, with gossip, cows milk and low vibration added to it. I thought it would be beneficial for me, instead it was detrimental.

I will say that twenty minutes before my shift was over I was told it was going to be my last shift. I felt sick but at the same time, paradoxically glad. You should have given me more notice and the reason you stated that you sacked me is that they “needed to give someone else a chance to shine” and “I wasn’t on the ball enough.” You never gave me the true reason why you sacked me. But I think it could be a combination of that I wasn’t “in the group” gossiping with you, I tried to commit suicide at the end of November 2019 and I was unfortunately attracting some unhealthy customers to to shop which you did not stop, mayhe also because I was a new young girl and I took the shine away from you ladies. Who the fuck knows. Female jealousy is a weird thing. Maybe I am wrong. I am humble and open to being wrong. For my psyche to process and move on I would have had liked to have had a clear reason for why I was sacked. I did so fucking well and I can’t believe how well I did for 6 months.

I walked out of the shop welling up, tears pricked my face. I sat on the church steps next door, smoked a cigarette and realised my safety valve for not killing myself (by working and going to the local city) was gone. I was scared and petrified for the future.

Not one of you who worked with me contacted me ever again. We did have some deep and meaningful conversations during the time we worked together. None of you ever reached out to me or talked to me ever again. Left alone outside in the cold again. Now a lady I worked with decides to message me and ask if I want to be in a music group again with them. No thank you. Just because you are bored in lock-down doesn’t mean I will lap upto you like a labrador. Nah, I’m done thanks. Not letting myself be treated like that. No.

I know you are going to gossip because that is what you love. Do it, I walk freely now and fly away. It’s good to not GIVE A FUCK. Goodbye and I wish you a good life all of you truly because I forgive and let go.

Oh and by the way, your ex-husband was the man in the story about me getting my dreadlocks done at 17 and he took advantage of me, having sex and such. It was all consensual but as you know, it wasn’t right him being 36.. He should have known better.

And yes, not all was bad, there was some funny moments and thanks for taking me on those few months, working there saved my life.

Have a good life and I wish you well,