Public Schools, The Fixation Of Belief & Social Control

” I don’t want a nation of thinkers.
I want a nation of workers.”
“This was the motivation of his creation of public school brought to America.
Initially was 15 year olds that were in public school. Then it soon regressed to also include lesser aged children. To the point where it is now just about dropping out of the womb and being hauled off to a public state-run Menagerie. Where they can get into the child’s head as soon as possible, to reduce the influence of the parents upon the child’s outlook on life and self. Now that parents these days I worth as they would say a plug nickel because they are themselves extreme examples of dumbed-down humanity. It’s amazing people know how to tie their shoes anymore. The children are to suffer. At the hands of the ignorance of those that got together and produced their lives. We have been reduced to the common animal instinct of eat procreate. The throw-in massive amounts of distraction throughout the lives of these from TV , music, sports, porn, and of course striving at work to make money as to live in this disgusting Society. Look at the out in the open depravity that is upon us compared to just 20 years ago, where it was somewhat hidden from the common Society. We are going to get exactly what we have allowed to grow.”

Applying The Art Of War By Sun Tzu To Our Current Matrix Reality & “Them”

The two principles of the Art Of War:

  1. Distraction – where we are focused is a distraction.
  2. To know your enemy and not let them know you. If you know each other it’s more equal. “They” know us through social media, data collection, etc. It’s a simple win.
The Art of War (Running Press Miniatures): Sawyer, Ralph:  9780762415984: Books