What Is The Solution To All This Opposition-ism At The Moment?

“Like Eckhart Tolle inferred, this opposition-ism only exists in multiracial societies, as you do not become aware of your racial identity as something important unless you live in multiracial societies. The problem is thus addressed by the Nationalist response…Multiracial societies do not work. If you want peace, you need respectful neighbors not a “salad bowl” society which does not work. It might be useful to look at the history of humanity. There has always been ethnic and tribal strife. This strife led to the formation of nation-states, and a form of peace predicated on cultural & racial segregation…that is until scarcity forces the people to fight for domination of resources once again. This is the history of humanity and it will not change. Ignoring race is a waste of time because it is a matter of fact. Africans behave differently to Europeans who behave differently to Asians. People group together by race as an evolutionary path for survival. The modern ideologies (largely White created) that had the lofty idea of abolishing race as a concept, only created more hatred and opposition as the logical outcome of forcing people of different civilisations together. The answer to your question, Russell, is that opposition-ism will not be stopped until one group becomes dominant in the struggle. This is the history of civilisations and it seems the White man’s time to die has come. Oswald Spengler and his “Decline of the West” book explained everything quite well” – YouTube Comment On Russell Brand’s video “Are egos ruining the world?”