Suicide Resources

-You are NOT alone, you are loved

-Samaritans – for everyone
Call 116 123

-Call a GP – ask for an emergency appointment

-Call 111 out of hours – they will help you find the support and help you need

-Contact your mental health crisis team – if you have one

- – Reframing Mental distress as a potential catalyst for positive change

-Talk to your friends and family

-Re-evaluate your life, realise that you are on this planet for a purpose and find that purpose by re-discovering what you like.

-Take yourself away from the environment that is causing you pain and cut people out of your life that are not helping you.

-Be authentic and speak your truth. Maybe you have been suppressing expericences.

-Know that you have one life and it is precious.

-If you kill yourself, from my own personal experiences and research realise that you’ll probably have to come back and re-learn lessons that were cut off in this life.

-Research spirituality and get in touch with your soul.

-Contact a shaman, therapist or spiritual healer and share your story.

-If you have planned your suicide, use it as a coping mechanism, it is always there but you live in the now.

-Take each day as it comes.

-Start new projects: Start a new job, create a blog, create music.

-Ask yourself what you liked as a child, in childhood we find what our talents and passions are. For example, I used to write stories as a child which I know indicates that writing is a big part of my path.

-Do you really want to end your life? Or is it just the pain you want to end? Find a way to end this pain.

-Email me if you need someone to talk to.

Better ways to prevent suicide