Life Timeline

Life Timeline:
1999 – Born in UK
2000s – Live in village. Bullying, Not Good Friends
2014 – Anorexia, OCD, Lost Hair, AMP (Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain On Scalp), Shaved Off Hair, Isolation, Knowledge Addiction, Spiritual Awakening, Dropped Out Of Sixth Form, Studied Online Courses
2017 – Rave, First M Experience, DJ In Forest, Travelled to The Netherlands doing hostel work waiting to go to The Amazon Rainforest as a shamans apprentice, met Damien, Spain eco-project workaway, Psychedelics,
2018 –  Retreat centre went bankrupt, Lost flight as no return ticket, Peru would let me in the Plane Company Wouldn’t, No time to book a return ticket, Went to live with Damien in The Hague in squat, Black Mold, Sleep Deprivation, Hashish and Weed Smoking, Lonely, Travelling in Portugal, Homeless, Apple Picking in Beneden-Leeuwen, Lived In -3, Influenza, Changa, L x5, Microdosing, Truffles, Mushrooms
2019 –  Travelling Damien, Back and forth to England, Homeless, Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Met Michael, Worked at Head In The Clouds, 4 Suicide Attempts (Cutting, Drowning, 2 OD), Drumming, Ti Chi, Travelled To Spain Camino De Santiago Didn’t Get To Finish Last 5 Days, Trauma (Betrayal), Hellesdon Crisis Team August, Dissociated, William Osteopath, Massage, Tried Therapy, Met Leigh, Dissocation, Shaking, Low Mood, No Mood, Fatigue, Insominia, Constipation, Bloating, Food Allergies, Flus, Alcohol, Confusion, PTSD, eating disorder, OCD, Anhedonia, Multiple Personalities? Fibro Fog, Nausea, Many Medications (Citalopram, Valium, Quitapine, Pregablin, Zopiclone, Venlaflaxine, Sertraline), Norwich Youth Team
2020 – Michaels, Vit-D Definicieny, Camden Town in London, Bad periods, Increased fibromyalgia pain, Lonely, Met Nigel Osteopath, back in Roydon, Coronavirus Lock-down, Suicidal, Chronic pain, Prescribed Codeine, OCD, Insomnia, Therapy