Bucket List

-Shaman Apprenticeship
-Study Different Topics
-Online Courses
UK ×
The Netherlands ×
Belgium ×
France ×
Spain ×
Portugal ×
Greece ×
Turkey ×
North America:
Central America:
South America:
-Set Up Orphange
-Set Up Dog Shelter
-Set Up Animal Sanctuary
-Psycheldelics – Ayahuasca, DMT, Iboga
-Learn To Tattoo, Stick & Poke
-Go on A Road Trip
-Learn To Dance: Poledance
-Start A Blog ×
-Write Books
-Plant A Garden
-Get A Pet
-Get Healthy
-Set Up A Retreat Centre
-Become Psychic ×
-Learn About Shamanism
-Learn Self-defence
-Get Back Into Sports: Jujitsu, Football, Swimming, Basketball, Running
-Get Therapy ×
-Help Others
-Be A Leader
-Write Articles
-Start Photography ×
-Start A Spiritual Group
-Become A Spiritual Teacher
-Get Off Medications
-Get Rid Of Fibromyalgia
-Start Djembe Drumming ×
-Start Up Yoga Practice Again
-Start Up Meditation Again
-Ecstatic Dance
-Start My Own Business
-Make Friends From Around The World
-Find GOD
-Speak Spanish
-Start Again Somewhere Fresh
-Get A Motorbike
-Go To Gym
-Learn About Myself
-Leave My Final Life On Earth
-Write Poems
-Make Art & Draw
-Read Books ×
-Be Ok With Being Alone
-Recover From An Eating Disorder
-Plant Trees
-Love Myself
-Be Able To Feel Emotions Again (Cry Again)
-Learn Self-Control
-Learn How To Protect My Auric Field
-Laugh Until I Wet Myself
-Be An Independent & Strong Woman
-Teach Children
-Swim In Oceans
-Get Good Sleep Hygiene
-Write A Book With Leigh
-Re-Learn What I Knew
-Star Gaze
-Try Not To Kill Myself
-Get A Driver’s License & Drive A Mopehead
-Become A Photographer×