CORONA – The Crown Of Light

Indeed, with our massive heart-opening underway since October 2019, energy has been released through the HEART, LUNGS, THROAT, THYMUS, THYROID, BRAIN and from an energetic standpoint the heart, high heart, throat, third eye and ultimately the CROWN chakras.
Many (whether infected with a physical virus or not) have been experiencing heart palpitations, thymus fluttering, migraines, coughing and clearing of phlegm from the lungs, since late 2019. Can you relate?

It’s interesting that covid-19 is a CORONAvirus – the crown like spikes on the virus give it this name. Corona indeed means ‘The Crown – a glowing circle of light – a HALO’ – the ultimate gateway of in-flowing cosmic energy. When the heart chakra opens, it sends energy up from the Earth into the thymus, pineal and pituitary glands and thus activates our higher consciousness. The energy of the head can then more easily DROP down into the heart and bring above to below, below to above. This results, is an aware – cosmically connected human being that thinks and acts with their heart.”