THOUGHTS: I think anger can be a good thing if channelled in the right way, don’t deny or suppress your feelings.

I’ve spent my whole life suppressing how I truly feel. I’ve pretended to be spiritual and think everything is okay and it’s all love and peace. But now looking back I’ve been too nice, my empathy has gotten me sucked dry of life. I’m angry. I’m angry towards myself for letting it happen. I have learnt that boundaries are a must, psychic protection has to be learnt and it’s okay to say no. I’ve been shitted on, betrayed and have lost my soul power. Your emotions are your inner guidance system, they tell you what is right and wrong for your soul path. Not following those inner feelings or intuition if you will, will get you ending up where you never wanted to be. Forgivenes is the next stage which I find easy as I can see things from a higher vantage point. It’s okay to feel angry. Or maybe it’s just because I’m on my period. Dead god. There is a curse in every blessing even if you can’t see it. Anger means you are starting to stand up for yourself, your truth and what you believe to be right. Suppressing things will catch up with you in the end and will cause you more pain. Amen.